Reclamation works

Hydraulic structures
Reclamation systems built over tens of kilometers cannot function reliably without various hydraulic structures, such as gateways, watersheds, mudflow diversions, etc.

Main Mil Canal Gateway construction
The “Upper Mil Canal” originates from the “Main Mil Canal” where an auxiliary sluice gate was built by “Hydromashservice” for more efficient use of water resources.

 Construction of mini-canals and structures
For irrigation of 774 hectares of sown areas in the Beylagan region,

the following facilities were built:
• distribution canals – 5480 p/m
• irrigation canals – 11430 p/m
• level-raising access structures – 73 pcs.
• gateways – 78 pcs.

Bridge construction
Bridges are built to ensure traffic in places where canals, open drainage systems are constructed, as well as in a number of settlements.

Construction of the Upper Mil Canal
Fragment of completed canal construction
Town Fuzuli
Fragment of completed canal construction
Town Agjabedi