and survey works

Specialists of Hydromashservis CJSC carry out a whole range of topographic and survey works, including both stages for the design stage, and for the construction and operation of facilities.
With the involvement of qualified and experienced specialists, using modern technical base and equipment,
Hydromashservis CJSC offers consumers the following engineering and survey services:

For the design stage:
– development of a height-plan control that meets the requirements of all classes of geodesy;
– regardless of the type of facilities being designed, providing topographic and geodetic surveys of any scale;
– selection and fixing of axes, angles and turns of linear structures, leveling along them and drawing up profiles;
– preparation and printing of topographic plans that meet all design requirements, using computer technology;
– assessment and preparation of estimates for all types of topographic and survey works performed.

For construction and installation works:
– creating of a construction grid;
– fixing points (benchmarks) of height control;
– staking and fixing the design axes of all types of structures;
– all types of geodetic services in the performance of construction and installation works;
– development of working schemes or survey upon delivery of a facility under construction or installed.

Engineering and survey works during the operation of structures:
– depending on the requirements of the operating instructions for all types of crane runways, development of working schemes in order to determine deformation based on geodetic survey using various methods and geodetic instruments;
– study of deformations and changes, as well as analysis and reporting of high-precision geodetic works  on all structures, especially in the field of hydraulic engineering