Production base
Khirdalan Industrial Center
The presence of a production base allows us to meet the internal needs of builders, installers and repairmen. as well as provide paid services to thepopulation. The basis of the base is an industrial complex located on the territory of 4.62 hectares in the suburbs of Baku (Khirdalan settlement).

Company manufacturing furniture and millwork

Wooden windows, doors, floorboards, parquet, as well as furniture are manufactured here. These range of goods, along with modern plastic and aluminum products, are in continuous demand among construction companies.

Workshop for manufacturing of stone products

The daily manufacturing capacity of the workshop is about 100-150 sq.m. products. The range of products include both the manufacturing of facing plates and molded products: balusters, railings, cornices, “locks”, columns and so on. The products of the workshop are used in office buildings, shopping centers and guest complexes.

Workshop for manufacturing of metal structures

It is one of the major manufacturers of metal structures for the needs of construction and installation companies. The workshop manufactures and delivers supports for high-voltage power lines, foundations, barriers and other metal structures.
Company manufacturing furniture and millwork
Workshop for manufacturing of stone products
Workshop for manufacturing of metal structures

Hydromashservis CJSC has a large fleet of cars and trucks,
construction equipment, machines and mechanisms, including:

• Cranes and excavators on caterpillar and pneumatic tracks
• front loaders
• tractors (from 12 m to 22 m)
• pipelayers; bulldozers
• climbers
• trucks and cars
• dump trucks
• truck mixers (mixer)
• vans
• lifting installations (“towers”).


The presence of a concrete plant and concrete mixers (mixer) allows to
supply ready-mixed concrete to the facilities in a timely manner and in
sufficient quantity.